Marina del Prat Vermell

Tomás López Amat has taken care of the interior architecture of a pilot apartment in Marina del Prat Vermell. This new space aims to help sell the apartments in the three blocks of the development.

Starting from an experiential basis for the user, Tomás López and his team defined the interior design and art direction inspired by the Mediterranean memory of the place, near the sea and the port of Barcelona. For this reason, the proposal leverages local tradition inspired in mediterranean design and addresses today’s housing needs.

The apartment includes modern furniture pieces such as the Disa lamp, the Torres Clavé armchair, the BKF armchair and the Ona coat rack, all of which belong to the local modern tradition and have achieved international impact. These pieces coexist with elements from some of Barcelona’s emerging young artisans, illustrators and designers. Most of the furniture and lighting publishing companies participating in the proposal, as well as their distributors, are of local origin and have very diverse backgrounds.

Casa Les Punxes x Cloudworks

Cloudworks has several different spaces in Barcelona and Madrid. At the headquarters of Casa de las Punxes, in the heart of Barcelona, the coworking space fuses the modernist essence of this emblematic building, designed by architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch, with contemporary functionality.

The building’s spectacular rooftop is furnished with the Tube chair and table. The hall on the first floor features the red Nuta stool. Scattered throughout the building’s various office spaces, the Forc coat stand intertwines with the other elements to create an inspiring, avant-garde working environment.

Mas Vell

The “Nou” Mas Vell goes beyond a classic restaurant serving traditional Catalan cuisine, as they also brew their own beer. It has a pub, a coworking space and a place to hold events.

Located in an old 14th century farmhouse overlooking the sea in the Masnou area (Barcelona), the latest restoration project was the work of architect Stefano Colli, who included pieces from Mobles 114.

Inside the restaurant you can find the Nuta and Tube steel stools combined with the Oxi bistrot bar table. As for the outdoor furniture, he chose the Tube family, including the chairs with armrests combined with the stackable outdoor tables.

Colli also incorporated the Gràcia Wood collection of wooden chairs and tables for the office furniture in the coworking area.


Teixidors is the successful Catalan brand in the artisanal textile sector. They are also a reference in social commitment, employing over thirty people with functional diversity to work on manual looms, producing unique pieces.

Their headquarters, a modernist building designed in 1916 in Terrassa, was renovated by ARQBAG. The interior design stands out for the equipment of the various office areas, led by architect and interior designer Stefano Colli and Mobles 114.

To ensure functionality and comfort in their artisan workshop, we find the wooden stool Luco. Spaces such as the showroom or the halls are equipped with the textile armchair Om, the discreet standing coat rack Hulot, or the high-capacity waste bin Riga Basic.

Mobles 144 is also present in multipurpose spaces, with the round table Tube and stackable chairs Tube as the main elements.

In spaces dedicated to meeting rooms or open offices, we find an essential office furniture piece, the Pey Table System. These spaces also feature chairs with wooden legs Green Eco, chairs with metal legs Green Colors, and Tube chairs.

The Tria Shelving System is also among Teixidors, office furniture, serving as storage space as well as a decorative element in their rooms.

Teixidors offices have managed to create a work environment that achieves functionality as well as comfort.

Pork & Tuna

Project: Adrián Jurado y Efrem López
Photo: Meritxell Arjalaguer


Architects: JAAS Julià Arquitectes Associats: Albert Clèries, Jordi Gorgues, Manuel Julià
Photo: José Hevia

Can Manuel d’en Corda

Project Architects: Marià Castelló, Daniel Redolat
Photography: Estudi Es Pujol de s’Era

Ginger Fizz Bar

A total space on everybody can enjoy cocktails and sushi, which has become the new ‘top’ of Zaragoza. Smart but simple, materials like bricks and wood create a friendly and cosy atmosphere. Very well-dressed thanks to furniture from Mobles 114, Andreu World and Santa & Cole.

Photography: Unpardedos

American College

Architect: Luis Gayarre Arquitecto
Interior designer: Isabel Lopez Vilalta + asociados
Photo: Miguel de Guzmán-Imagen Subliminal

Gallina Blanca

Culinary innovation centre Gallina Blanca
A project by Studio Vilablanch at L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, with a bright and functional design which transmits the brand’s values of innovation.
Meeting rooms occupy one of the volumes, referring to the packaging of the brand, have been furnished by Pey tables by Mobles 114.

Roquetes Library

Les Roquetes library in Barcelona is a multipurpose space by Soldevila Soldevila Soldevila Arquitectes.
It is a neighbourhood library, with a public area at street level where spaces like children area, computers, daily press, classes and study places can be found. A new place-to-be and referent of the quarter, thanks to its emphatic forms and very easy distribution. Materials and human scale give a specially warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Photography: M. Grassi, 2008


Mediapro new offices in Barcelona have been furnished by Vilablanch Studio, a very special design store. They have chosen Pey office tables in an open and bright space.

Esment College

Esment Escola Professional is an idea by the Amadip Esment foundation: an organisation that attends to people, detects their needs, offers support to meet such needs and is committed to society and the common good. Architect Joan Riera Jaume has developed a project related to the purpose of the foundation, where functionality is the main characteristic.
Green chairs designed by Mariscal have been chosen for the furnishing, ECO and Colors models.

La Tintorería bar

Interior designer Sandra Soler is the author of the project La Tintoreria, a café-restaurant in Olot. A comfortable space, friendly and attractive where feeling like home, thanks to the furniture. For instance, Tube chairs by Eugeni Quitllet, Luco stools by Martín Azúa, and Green eco by Javier Mariscal, all produced by Mobles 114 editions.

Pictures: Iván Raga

Documentation Center of Design Museum

Museu del Disseny is the result of merging the collections of the Museum of Decorative Arts, the Museum of Ceramics, the Museum of Textile and Clothing and the Graphic Arts Cabinet in Barcelona.

The center contains a Reading Room with 66 reading points. The bibliographic information service provides information about the Documentation Center, its reserves, its facilities and services, as well as assistance and advice in the search for information.

The Documentation Center is furnished with BBL Shelving System by mobles 114. Reading points are formed by Pey tables and Green chairs designed by Mariscal, and next to the windows there are some spaces more comfortable and relaxed furnished with Om Basic armchairs by Martín Azúa.

La Ginesta library

Photo  Meritxell  Arjalaguer and Calderón Folch Sarsanedas.

The new cultural equipment of Begues, a village in the surroundings of Barcelona, has been designed by Calderón Folch Sarsanedas architecture studio as a 3-in-1 which emphasizes the wonderful landscape values of the site.
This is the highlight of the library, oriented to extract maximum advantage to light to make it the most comfortable for the users. To equip it Green chairs designed by Javier Mariscal have been used, and also Riga waste bins and Hulot coat stands designed by Joan Gaspar.
A building with three different purposes: a theatre, a public library (La Ginesta) and a community centre (El Roure), hosts a great amount of different activities and services.

El Roure has been nominee to Mies van der Rohe Award 2015.

Cerdagne Hospital

Projected by architects Manuel Brullet, Alfons de Luna i Albert Pineda.

Mobles 114 editions has furnished the public spaces of the hospital, such as the lobby, café bar and waiting rooms, with Danesa armchair, Gracia chairs, Oxi side tables and Pey office table.

photo: Juny Brullet

Joan Maragall Library

Photo: A. Ramirez

The Joan Maragall library is a project by Baena Casamor Arquitectes .

The interior is solved easily with little textures; ceiling, floor, furniture and walls are white in general, while the face that hide concrete retaining walls and structures of the building are covered with clay tiles. This porous material, sound absorbent and warm, reminds us that it is a half-buried building carved into the earth.

Mobles 114 participates with PEY office table system with integrated lighting and some contract furniture such as Riga waste bin.

Higher Technical School of Architecture of Granada

Former Militar Hospital of Granada (Andalucia, Spain) has been transformed by architect Víctor López Cotelo into the new headquarters of the University of Architecture. A brilliant project, where respect of the old building has been connected to the comfort and practicity needed to teach and study.

Higher Technical School of Architecture of Granada

Former Militar Hospital of Granada (Andalucia, Spain) has been transformed by architect Víctor López Cotelo into the new headquarters of the University of Architecture. A brilliant project, where respect of the old building has been connected to the comfort and practicity needed to teach and study.

Tatsumi House

Photography: Tatsumi Planning Co., Courtesy of Estudio Mariscal.

Javier Mariscal and Lara Pérez Porro are the authors of the show house for Tatsumi estate agency. A building characterised for its Mediterranean atmosphere was the key of the design.

So as to accomplish the project, the house is made completely in wood and interacts with the exterior, trying to make the best profit of the air and light at each corner. A central patio was the solution to get natural light without losing intimacy, very important in Japanese society.

The authors have created an atmosphere full of Mediterranean flair, so the choice of furniture was easy: all created by Estudio Mariscal makes it brilliant, colourful and playful, with a Mediterranean touch of course.

Four chairs by Mobles 114 have been chosen to furnish the space, designed by Mariscal: two Green ECO wooden in black colour for the studio at the ground floor, and two Green colors in green and orange at one of the bedrooms upstairs.

Higher Technical School of Architecture of Granada

Former Militar Hospital of Granada (Andalucia, Spain) has been transformed by architect Víctor López Cotelo into the new headquarters of the University of Architecture. A brilliant project, where respect of the old building has been connected to the comfort and practicity needed to teach and study.

@ Photo Fernando Alda

Alma Negra Cafe

Bar Alma Negra, (A Coruña, 2013). Hostel equipment and furniture by Mobles 114.

Old stationery turned into a bar by SA Estudi and MFM Interiorismo, located in one of the historical centers in A Coruña. The wooden Green chairs in black color, designed by Javier Mariscal for Mobles 114, noted for their high resistance and clear lines. Green chairs get perfectly integrated in the sophisticated atmosphere. 

Sant Pau Hospital, Barcelona

Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau (Barcelona, 2009). Equipment for public spaces by Mobles114.

The new facilities of the Hospital de Sant Pau, over 100,000 m2 of extension, are within the enclosure considered World Heritage by UNESCO, with its modernist pavilions by architect Lluís Domènech i Muntaner. The equipment required for the new health area should fulfil not only with an austere aesthetic according to the environment, but also be durability guaranteed.
The responsibles of the project chosen some Mobles114 designs such as OM armchair,  Barcino benches or Riga bins.

Interior designer Sílvia Alfaras was chosen to design the new outdoor space at Barcelona offices of international company, creators of popular games for cellphones and networks like Candy Crush among others.

320 squared meters of the L-shaped terrace are a space where joy and work are wisely combined thanks to a contemporary furnishment and impressive panorama of the city of Barcelona.
In order to show company philosophy, focused on fun, furniture chosen has been contemporary in striking colours, for instance Flod stools by Martín Azúa and Gerard Moliné.

Photo, Raquel Redondo.

Biblioteca Rosignano Marittima

A functional project, suitable for Livorno area, furnished by Mobles 114
Rosignano Marittimo, a village in Livorno hosts the new cultural complex for all types of activities in the area.
Design concept has been developed by an association of companies from Torino and Genoa:  which won the project contest thanks to “achieving two aspects that are the actual key of the idea, sustainability of the complex environment and integration in the urban context”.

The program is crossed by a walking path, and includes a library, a playroom, a small conference room, a newspaper and periodicals library, information centres and a cafeteria, forming a great cultural complex in the village.
The municipal library is furnished with Pey tables by Mobles 114 in various range of formats providing maximum needs.
Pey tables can be found also at the cafeteria, with Myto chairs by Konstantin Grcic.

Bar La Antigua

Ventura Llimona Taller d’Arquitectura i Disseny has designed the space for a bar restaurant and museum at the Interpretation centre La Antigua at Zumarraga, in the Basque Country with Gràcia chair and Pey table of Mobles 114.
The new infrastructure has 3 exhibition rooms, a porch and a bar-restaurant.
At the auditorium, Green metal chairs has been chosen due to their stackability and comfort.

Donabate Portrane Community Library

Donabate Portrane Community Library, Ireland

Donabate is a small suburban coastal town in Ireland, about 20 km north-northeast of Dublin in the administrative council of Fingal. The rich Irish heritage in literature, specially with authors like Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde and Nobel Prizes George Bernard Shaw, W. B. Yeats, Samuel Beckett and Seamus Heaney, is one of the reasons of the growing of new libraries in the island, such as the one placed in Donabate Portrane.

Designed as a community space to meet the educational, cultural, and leisure needs of the public, the new library is set to become the heart of the community, accessible to all.

Mobles 114 editions has been part of the furnishing of Donabate Portrane Library withSheelin Office Group, with the products BBL shelving system for libraries and Pey office tables.

Velcro Europe Offices

Photos Jordi Adriá

The aim of the project directed by designers Luis Eslava and Lorena Sauras was to display the new values of the trade mark Velcro ® with some open and transparent spaces, considering a functional and aesthetic design, by creating a dynamic and creative atmosphere.

Mobles 114 has participated into this project with the tables Pey for the conference room of the head offices of Velcro Europe.

Caterina Albert Library

Caterina Albert Library,  (Camp de l'Arpa, Barcelona, 2012). Equipment for public libraries by Mobles114.

The Caterina Albert Library, located in the old plastic factory Alchemika in Sant Marti district of Barcelona, was built by Oliveras Boix Arquitectes. The BBL shelves system and the PEY  tables of Mobles114 means the majority of the whole equipment chosen. This public project stands out for its clarity: the user has spatial awareness from anywhere. One of the great challenges of a high-traffic space is the ability of transmutation. All furniture provided by Mobles114 can be modulated: the height or the incline of the shelves and tables with versatile electrification.

photo: José Hevia