Salone del Mobile Milano 2022

Touchstone by The Glass Apprentice

Next Wednesday June 22, in the context of the Barcelona Design Week, Mobles 114 opens the doors of its showroom to introduce “Touchstone”, a collaboration with blown glass designer Pròsper Riba Vilardell, founder of the project The Glass Apprentice’. 


This is the third occasion in which Mobles 114 invites a designer to explore the artisanal component from the field of object design based on the Tria shelf. This year, the publisher has chosen to collaborate with ‘The Glass Apprentice’ for the creation of “Touchstone”, a collection of glass pieces to welcome Tria’s new features. 




One of the developments presented by Mobles 114 this year at the Milan Fair was the display cabinet with transparent sliding doors, which joins the family of available options for TRIA Shelving System. “Touchstone”, by The Glass Apprentice, was born out of the aim of finding a relationship between the display cabinet’s glass doors and the glass vases. From the color palette available for TRIA Shelving System the designer has chosen orange and green. 


For his process, Pròsper Riba Vilardell has focused on a proposal without mold and has included chance as a component in the execution process. Starting with a transparent bicolor ball to which the orange or green color is added, the piece is taken to the limit of elasticity during the firing process and is deformed by the effect of gravity itself.


This type of handcrafted production means that each piece is different and thus unique, which enhances the essence and value of handcrafted elements. The result is a collection of pieces that fuse the artisanal influences of glass with the timeless and functional character that are so characteristic of Mobles 114.


“Touchstone” will be on display in the Mobles 114 showroom as part of the events held during OFF Barcelona Design Week. We invite you to discover the collection on June 22nd in a relaxed environment while enjoying croquettes and beers. 


We invite you to discover the surprising outcome of this collaboration!