50th anniversary interviews

Isabel Roig

BcD Executive Director

How would you define your collaboration with Mobles 114 along these 50 years?

As a solid company that has incessantly maintained its principles of good design, enduring and functional, with a consistent and very successful presence in international markets as well. Your catalog is full of iconic, elegant and welcoming products that surround us at home or in the office. Personally, I am particularly excited about your 50th anniversary celebration, as we are also celebrating 50 years of BcD in 2023.

Why do you think some products become iconic while others do not?

I think it can sometimes be a matter of market factors, but your approach gives your products that exceptional quality of timelessness and an unmistakable ‘stamp’ on your brand.

In your opinion, what is the most iconic product in the furniture catalog?

That’s difficult to say, there are so many! Ona, Pey, Torres Clavé, Tria… Few companies have as many iconic products in their catalog as Mobles 114!

Nuta, a must-have for resting while cooking

Nuta is the perfect stool to accompany us in the kitchen: it takes up little space, it’s sturdy, elegant and …

50th anniversary interviews

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50th anniversary interviews

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