With the CLASSICS catalog, Mobles 114 wants to promote the recovery of furniture and objects that, due to their design and values, have become icons that are part of our memory and of the universal cultural heritage.

CLASSICS represents the desire of Mobles 114 to reissue products and objects chosen with a deep admiration for their authors, and to do it with the necessary rigor to produce some moving, iconic designs, and with the respect that we have to be the transmitters of cultural values which are part of the company’s material assets. We are especially proud to be able to edit products that have been designed by internationally renowned authors and that have endured over the years.

CLASSICS is also the result of the reflection on the responsibility of rescuing from oblivion furniture or objects perhaps not sufficiently recognized previously but which, due to their validity and modernity, have undeniably the value of classics. For this reason, Mobles 114 permanently searches for furniture and objects that deserve to be reissued and put on the market, and in this way be able to share them with users.

Classic Collection