Happy new year 2023. Studio Albert Romagosa x Mobles 114

“L’home dels nassos is a traditional mythological character from Catalonia (also from Valencia and the Balearic Islands) who has as many noses as days in the year – or as many days are left. Children are told that he can only be seen on December 31, when, as is the case for us all, he has only one nose left.

This possible portrait of l’home dels nassos, allows us to share this kind of traditions so that they live on and thus vindicate our popular culture.”

A. R.

2023 is quickly coming closer and we are ready for a year that promises to be special for Mobles 114: the year in which we turn 50 years old. We say goodbye to 2022 with a message of congratulations on behalf of the team at Studio Albert Romagosa, a small graphic design office whose work stands out because of the precision and serenity of their projects.

Studio Albert Romagosa’s methodology is based on a deep analysis both of the task and its context which allows them to offer designs with attention to detail and with very diverse formal resolutions which are tailored to each case.

Some outstanding editorial design projects include “Cross Cultural Chairs”, published by Onomatopee; the redesign of HIC‘s identity and website, a reference blog on architecture; or the graphics for the exhibition “Cine y Moda por Jean Paul Gaultier” for CaixaForum.

This plural approach to design has led them to work for both local and international clients and entities and to be awarded in numerous editions of the Laus awards. In addition, some of their graphic production is catalogued and preserved in the archives of the Design Museum of Barcelona and the National Art Library of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Images: Studio Albert Romagosa


Mobles114 donates its archive and products to Museu del Disseny de Barcelona

On November 30, the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona was given Mobles 114’s archive as a commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the company, which is due in 2023. This donation adds to the already existing collection of the museum and also includes material from the beginnings of Josep Maria Massana and Josep Maria Tremoleda, founders of Mobles 114 alongside with Mariano Ferrer in 1973. 

The archive includes photographs, commercial catalogs and even material bearing witness of the company’s graphic evolution, which is the work of graphic designer and photographer América Sánchez. Also on display is the work process behind the edition of some of the designs produced by Mobles 114 in the form of sketches, plans or prototypes.

The donation also includes a number of products from Mobles 114’s catalog, including furniture, lighting and accessories which have been designed since its foundation in 1973 by national and international designers, such as Enzo Mari, Jorge Pensi, Santiago Roqueta, Gabriel Mora, Carles Riart, André Ricard, Álvaro Siza and others.

Among the pieces that belong to this donation are iconic and current designs in the publisher’s catalog, such as the Torres Clavé armchair designed in 1934 by the architect Josep Torres Clavé, the Ona coat rack by Montse Padrós and Carles Riart, the Nuta stool by Lluís Pau, or the TRIA shelving system designed in 1978 by J. M. Massana and J. M. Tremoleda.

This heritage, which is added to the already existing collection that forms the makes up the permanent collection of the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona, will complete the various periods of Mobles 114’s career and contribute to the history of design in Barcelona.