Mas Vell

The “Nou” Mas Vell goes beyond a classic restaurant serving traditional Catalan cuisine, as they also brew their own beer. It has a pub, a coworking space and a place to hold events.

Located in an old 14th century farmhouse overlooking the sea in the Masnou area (Barcelona), the latest restoration project was the work of architect Stefano Colli, who included pieces from Mobles 114.

Inside the restaurant you can find the Nuta and Tube steel stools combined with the Oxi bistrot bar table. As for the outdoor furniture, he chose the Tube family, including the chairs with armrests combined with the stackable outdoor tables.

Colli also incorporated the Gràcia Wood collection of wooden chairs and tables for the office furniture in the coworking area.

Architect Stefano Colli
Photography Leo Garcia Méndez

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