Marina del Prat Vermell

Tomás López Amat has taken care of the interior architecture of a pilot apartment in Marina del Prat Vermell. This new space aims to help sell the apartments in the three blocks of the development.

Starting from an experiential basis for the user, Tomás López and his team defined the interior design and art direction inspired by the Mediterranean memory of the place, near the sea and the port of Barcelona. For this reason, the proposal leverages local tradition inspired in mediterranean design and addresses today’s housing needs.

The apartment includes modern furniture pieces such as the Disa lamp, the Torres Clavé armchair, the BKF armchair and the Ona coat rack, all of which belong to the local modern tradition and have achieved international impact. These pieces coexist with elements from some of Barcelona’s emerging young artisans, illustrators and designers. Most of the furniture and lighting publishing companies participating in the proposal, as well as their distributors, are of local origin and have very diverse backgrounds.

Interior designer Tomàs López Amat
Photography Pol Masip

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