Fil 1991

Classic Collection

Fil table lamp by Siza Vieira

Fil is a table lamp designed in 1991 by the architect Alvaro Siza Vieira which artlessly reveals the essence of an electric light: a support, the electric wire with the lightbulb and a shade.



A light that forgoes ornaments, inspired by the evolution of brass or bronze oil lamps that included a shade to avoid dazzle. Made in stainless steel, the Fil lamp by Siza Vieira forms part of the Classics catalogue of Mobles 114 thanks to its contemporary roots and in homage to one of today’s great architects.

Classics Collection quiere reivindicar a todos aquellos diseñadores que, con sus propuestas, han contribuido a mejorar la calidad de vida de nuestra sociedad, y rendirles un merecido homenaje.
Classic Collection

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