50th anniversary interviews

Carles Riart

Designer and interiorist

Designer Carles Riart

What values would you highlight about Mobles 114?

A special balance between, on the one hand, fidelity to their principles in maintaining an open language with refined and careful proposals in every detail for so many years and, on the other hand, determination in the commitment to all of us.

How would you define the path along these 50 years?

The coherence to maintain the principles of a design that originally stems from our environment, with qualities that give rise to ways of doing that only time grants and that are identified in those subliminal aspects that clearly show the merit of Mobles 114’s genuine work.

According to you, what is the most iconic product in the furniture catalog?

Undoubtedly, the Tria system is the one that best defines and synthesizes the method of its creators, not only because of its idea of a versatile piece of furniture that offers solutions in all areas, but also for the variety of creative solutions in the small constructive details.

Secondly, the Ona coat rack made with Montse Padrós, as a sample of a happy conception of design.

And also the Torres Clavé armchair as a token of a learned and committed tradition in defense of social values and rights.

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50th anniversary interviews

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50th anniversary interviews

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