Tong 1964

Classic Collection

These ice tongs,  relaunched in 2018, are an updated version of the ones designed by André Ricard in 1964.



Ricard has slightly altered the width of the tongs, as well as using a new type of plastic to improve their performance. The tongs are a classic design created in Barcelona in the 1960s and form part of the Mobles 114 Classic Collection. A devotee of simplicity and functionalism, André Ricard designed these tongs for ice cubes back in the day when plastic was a relatively new material. This gave the designer the chance to rethink an object that had always been produced in the same way. Most tongs were made of steel or wood, with a pivot or spring to ensure they returned to their original position.



Ricard’s design makes use of the shape of the tongs themselves as their mechanism. His masterful solution takes advantage of the tong’s leverage and the flexibility inherent in plastic. The designer has thought about the hands that are going to hold the product and the product that’s going to hold onto the ice cubes. These tongs are the perfect extension.

Classics Collection quiere reivindicar a todos aquellos diseñadores que, con sus propuestas, han contribuido a mejorar la calidad de vida de nuestra sociedad, y rendirles un merecido homenaje.
Classic Collection

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