Umbrella stand and ashtray Bambú

Tombal is an elegant multi-use product; a practical umbrella stand or an ashtray. Designed in 1990 by Miguel Milá and produced in 2017 by Mobles114.  It’s a good example that good designs resist the ravages of time. This new production has maintained the original design and we have only changed the material: stainless steel and ceramic enamel. It’s resistant and functional.


Tombal can be an umbrella stand or an ashtray depending on which way up you stand it. It resists the humidity, the vase is easy to empty and thanks to the excellent properties of the ceramic it is very durable and easy to clean.


Tombal is functional, light, stable and resistant. Equally ideal for both public spaces and for the home. Outdoor and indoor.  It’s practical to use and elegant due to its timeless shape.

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