Luis Mazón’s illustrations for Mobles 114

Barcelona-based Basque illustrator Luis Mazón has been in charge of bringing color to some of Mobles 114’s most iconic designs. The illustrations, which can be found on our home page, pick up the baton of the graphic work produced by this artist, who is renowned for his GIFs and digital brushstrokes.

The Byrd Bath and the new health bills illustration for The New Yorker Magazine.
Sam Gendel y Sam Wilkes illustration for The New Yorker Magazine.
Silver Needle Tea animation for Vogue.

Inspired by everyday moments, Luis Mazón’s illustrations feature vibrant color schemes and pop culture references that come to life by means of small circular movements. Heavily influenced by the graffiti technique, Mazón studied graphic design, later moving on to illustration and specializing in motion graphics. This background has led him to work for international clients such as New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, Zeit Magazine, Airbnb or Odiseo, among others. 

Amanda Gorman illustration for Zeit Magazin.

In spite of the digital presence of his celebrated GIFs, Mazón does not restrict himself to a single medium. His working procedure begins with the creation of a photographic collage as a reference, which he then digitizes to try out different compositions and colors. Once he has reached a satisfactory result, he draws it by hand using different techniques (such as watercolors, markers or oil pastels), then scans it, corrects colors or details and finally animates it. A whole transformation through which the illustrator experiments with different processes that bring texture and energy to his work.

The collaboration between Luis Mazón and Mobles 114 features several compositions of tables, seats, accessories and various configurations of the TRIA system made in his characteristic ‘crayon style’ line which are available in the color palette of the brand’s catalog.


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