50th anniversary interviews

André Ricard


Designer André Ricard

What is your perception on the evolution of Mobles 114 from its creation to the present?

Very consistent. Both in their own designs and in those of others. Everything that carries the brand Mobles 114 is authentic design; sensible, useful and friendly pieces, without shrillness in shapes or colors.

What are the features that turn a product into an iconic design?

The fact that a product becomes an icon, a classic, does not only depend on a good design, nor on the fact that the company that produces it has promoted it appropriately, nor on the fact that influencers and mass media have widely supported it.

Even if all that certainly helps, it is people as users who really elevate a product to such an iconic status.

A design becomes a classic through the conjunction of thousands of people who, satisfied with the features offered by this design, are loyal to it, use it and make the product transcend the barrier of time and fashions. Thus, the design becomes an icon.

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50th anniversary interviews

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50th anniversary interviews

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