50th anniversary interviews

Mariano Ferrer

Co-founder of Mobles 114 and designer

What are your memories from the beginnings of Mobles 114?

Massana, Tremoleda and I started together the adventure of Mobles 114. In those years, starting a business involved a certain risk, but the endeavour was successful thanks to our energy and good mood. I was part of it until 1981.

Massana and Tremoleda were excellent partners, and it was very pleasant to work with them as a team.

How would you define the evolution throughout these 50 years?

Mobles 114 has managed to operate excellently during these first 50 long and difficult years. Since 50 years are always long and difficult, this anniversary is quite an achievement and I hope they can continue for many years to come.

What is the product you would highlight from the collection?

As is obvious, I consider the star product to be the GIRA lamp, which paved the way and has remained the brand’s hallmark. Everything by them has never lowered the bar, quite the contrary.

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50th anniversary interviews

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50th anniversary interviews

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