50 years of Mobles 114

In October this year, Mobles 114 celebrates half a century of life and that is why we want to share some of the most significant moments of our journey. Featuring Josep Maria Massana, Josep Maria Tremoleda, Anatxu Zabalbeascoa, Joan Gaspar, Miguel Milá, Antoni Arola, Martín Azúa, Curro Claret and Marc Morro, we have prepared a video that aims to reflect our history and our most emblematic creations. Local collections arising from the avant-garde of design. Products that inspire stories fostering artistic and cultural values.

Born in 1973, Mobles 114 has consistently been part of the world of contemporary furniture thanks to its commitment to improving the quality of collective and home spaces with signature, timeless and careful designs which are inspired by a philosophy that values functionality, durability and aesthetics. In a world in which trends prevail and fashions set the public agenda, Mobles 114 is committed to furniture in which quality and design endure over time.

So don’t miss the video we have prepared, which includes some of our most iconic designs, such as the Tria bookshelf, the Gràcia chair, the Danesa armchair, the Ona and Hulot coat stands, the Torres Clavé armchair, the MMS table, the Tombal umbrella stand or ashtray, the Taiga coat stand, the Catalana armchair, the Luco stool, the Nuta and Tube collections, the Tong ice tongs and the Copenhagen ashtray; timeless pieces that are part of the history of contemporary design and serve as our particular tribute to these 50 years of modernity and tradition.

50th anniversary interviews

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50th anniversary interviews

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50th anniversary interviews

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