mobles 114 talkings: luxury and design, by Massana and Tremoleda

On the occasion of World Industrial Design Day last 29th June, mobles 114 wanted to talk about design. The founders and designers of the company, JM Massana & JM Tremoleda, started a conversation around two key words: luxury, and its relationship with design.

How would you describe design, by mobles 114?

Design is a methodology incorporated into production processes that adds value and quality to the product, solves functional requirements and conflicts for the user and follows the company’s strategic guidelines.

We understand that the designer, working closely with the company, coordinates all the elements involved in creating a product, proposing technical and productive solutions paying attention to innovation and environmental responsibility; also brings functional improvements and defines taking good care of the resulting shape to identify the product with its meaning.

What is the main style valued and considered in mobles 114?

We don’t consider ourselves within a particular style, but we actually qualify proper values of the product identified by the brand m114, such as search for optimal value, a quality produced product and suitability for markets to be targeted and competitiveness goals, in addition to consistency with other collections that make up the 114 mobles catalog.

How do you define luxury, in terms of design?

Luxury is associated with exclusivity and high economic value. These two terms are terms which can be incorporated into a product briefing defined by the interests of the company to be transformed by Design to become a quality derived from some materials, manufacturing processes and branding association, usually very powerful and with associated value.

In fact, design would reinvent luxury thanks to innovation, bringing it away from mimetic and decadent styles. Innovation understood as an improvement towards rather complex processes, or either semi-artisan, and exclusive materials. Creativity can also bring renovation to luxury sector, renewing the product image and increasing the differentiation between exclusive brands.

What do you think is the added value of luxury in an interior?

Currently, luxury in an interior design is identified with distinction, ostentation above the required quality, wealth, and even some baroque. Therefore we think that is part of a conservative, affluent wave. But an interior can also show the exclusive quality related to luxury, with a quality product selection, in an environment with a desire to create new sensations, innovative, comfortable, human and in keeping with a contemporary interior.