News TRIA 2020

Designed in 1978, the TRIA shelving system is a classic piece of contemporary design that continues to expand its features and finishes.

New cabinets with wooden doors

Maintaining the essence of painted steel combined with wood, a distinctive feature of TIRA since its conception, these new cabinets add warmth to metal shelves and complete the whole set when wood is the main element.

New black finish

Black sides in all heights and types, also in the self-supporting version. Black in all shelf modalities: steel or grid, auxiliary and desk shelves, cupboards, and drawers.

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new silent-stop closing

The cabinet incorporates a mechanism to silence and soften the closing of the cabinet doors. A new design of the door handles and new bearings also contribute to improving the closing mechanism.

Wooden doors:
new combinations

The new door finishes in walnut or natural oak can be combined with the white, grey, or black cabinets.

new lock with magnet-stop

New handle designs as well as new and smoother pull-out guides that allow the drawer to be pulled out up to 70% of its length. The closing mechanism by means of a magnetic device also makes it easier to open.

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