MMS 1963

Classic Collection

MMS side table by Miguel Milá

MMS is a light, small, stackable side table. Its shape and variety of potential compositions make it the ideal table for anywhere in the home, either at the bedside, as an auxiliary or coffee table in the living room or in other rooms.


An oak table finished in natural varnish, pleasant to the touch, which adds comfort to a home’s interior design, blessed with the discretion and elegance typical of the work by Miguel Milá. This piece of furniture has been re-released to underline the fact that the MMS 1963 table is one of our country’s design classics.

Classics Collection quiere reivindicar a todos aquellos diseñadores que, con sus propuestas, han contribuido a mejorar la calidad de vida de nuestra sociedad, y rendirles un merecido homenaje.
Classic Collection

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