Mirac coat stand

Recognised as an icon thanks to its modernity, MIRAC coat stand is a leading coat stand in the world of interior and general design. The composition of the spherical chrome pegs arranged like stars in a constellation creates a celestial image that led to the design being named after the second brightest start in the Andromeda constellation, MIRAC, the inspiration for its designers JM Massana – JM Tremoleda.


With the pegs arranged in a spiral to ensure it can hold the maximum number of items in the minimum amount of room, Mirac coat stands offer a combination of practical design and savings on space. Practical, useful, discreet and with great formal beauty, it’s ideal for discreetly furnishing offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, homes and receptions. Mirac won the ADI-FAD Delta Prize in 1988.

Grey aluminium

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