A project designed by AOO Studio for the TRIA shelving system by Mobles 114.

Black ceramics are obtained through the oxidation of the iron present in the clay during firing. The process is achieved by sealing the kiln once the wood combustion is over, retaining the smoke and letting it rest for about 15 days. It is a millenary technique, practically extinct, that Bonadona Terrissers keeps alive today in Quart, Girona.

Based on this firing process, Mobles 114 proposed to AOO Studio making a series of pieces finished off with this technique.
The Foscas collection was born from the selection of molds for rotary presses and the extrusions of basic pieces already existing in Bonadona’s workshop, focusing on the most industrial aspect of the ceramic process.

These elements, obtained through ‘machine craftsmanship’, are combined with each other in different ways to generate a rough and robust collection of containers and surfaces, to define them in some way, which end up in the oven for the black ceramic firing process.

AOO Studio, 2020.
Team: David Martí, Marc Morro and Claudia Roselló.


Images: Yosigo