New identity by Folch studio

Changes are occurring at an ever-increasing pace and Mobles 114 has realised it needs to define a new visual identity in tune with today’s world while still preserving the values and coherence achieved by the brand over the last 45 years. It all started with Josep Maria Massana, Josep Maria Tremoleda and Mariano Ferrer who founded Mobles 114 back in 1973.

Number 114 in Enric Granados Street, in the Eixample district of Barcelona, was the company’s first home and where its name originally came from. The image of the Eixample, with its orderly blocks of flats arranged into octagonal islands, is identified with the contemporary nature of Barcelona and also with the soul and DNA of Mobles 114.

Foto Manuel Serra


The first logo was designed by América Sánchez and was displayed on the façade during the first few years of the business. A radically modern logo befitting a new generation of designers, architects and artists who were embarking on a groundbreaking venture.

The façade of Mobles 114 at Carrer Enric Granados 114 in 1973.


The logo was redesigned several times by América Sánchez, updating the visual identity and adapting it to the changes occurring throughout the history of Mobles 114. For the last version in 2011, the redesign was carried out together with Helena Tremoleda.

Mobles 114 now needs to define a new visual identity in tune with the times. ‘We also needed to resolve the problem caused by a brand with a logo represented principally by the number “114” which did not coincide with how we want to be recognised: as Mobles114.’


On this occasion Folch Studio has taken over and created a new visual identity at the same time as designing a new logo including the word “mobles” with all its letters, followed by the identity always provided by the number “114”.



Folch’s vision and insight into the values of contemporary classic, a timelessness which Mobles 114 has always defended, are reflected in a new identity that clearly conveys these values.

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