Tria Pack Freestanding

Tria Pack Freestanding is an ideal solution for those looking for a practical storage option, as it is sturdy, visually appealing and allows you to organize your personal items at home. Available in four colors and easy to install, this shelving unit is a smart choice for any home space. A monochromatic design in orange, ochre, white and anthracite gray will bring elegance to your home.


Tria Pack Freestanding comes in a single package for easy transport. Inside a single box, you will find a complete shelf that, once assembled, can be used as a room divider, leaned against the wall without additional fastening or placed anywhere where you do not want to make holes in the wall. The shelf includes 3 shelves 90 cm wide and 36 cm deep, as well as 2 side supports and a fixing cross in the same color as the shelves. The total height is 85 cm.


A solution designed for homes that can be easily integrated into different spaces, such as the living room, hall, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dressing room, home office, children’s rooms, etc.

White 9002
Orange 2001
Ochre 1024
Grey anthracite

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