Barcelona Original Designs

Barcelona Original Designs is the first online platform to offer objects, furniture, lighting, accessories and classic or contemporary pieces designed in Barcelona, created by Olivia Ricard, Cristina Pujol and Silvia Cambra in order to offer a meeting point among designers, craftsmen and entrepreneurs from the city.

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Product selection shares the value of authentic, everlasting products, “which reminds us of whom, how and why it was created”, they explain. A thorough summary with valuable common nexus: Barcelona, function, ethics and aesthetics.

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Most noted objects are the ones signed by José Antonio Coderch, Miguel Milà, André Ricard or Rafael Marquina, masters of industrial design and authors of icons like Disa or Cesta lamps, and products such as Copenhagen ashtrays or Marquina oil dispensers, both belonging to Classics collection by mobles 114.

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The quickest and easiest way to get these common objects that are also true design icons:

Un calendrier de l’Avent pour meubler la maison.

Le calendrier de l’Avent est une façon de marquer les jours qui précèdent Noël. Cette période, observée dans certaines traditions, …

Un espace de croissance et d’apprentissage.

L’étagère Tria est une pièce polyvalente et modulaire qui peut s’adapter à n’importe quel espace et à n’importe quel besoin. …

Notre histoire en bref

Mobles 114 a été fondé à Barcelone en 1973 par les designers JM Massana, JM Tremoleda et Mariano Ferrer. Son …