Teixidors is the successful Catalan brand in the artisanal textile sector. They are also a reference in social commitment, employing over thirty people with functional diversity to work on manual looms, producing unique pieces.

Their headquarters, a modernist building designed in 1916 in Terrassa, was renovated by ARQBAG. The interior design stands out for the equipment of the various office areas, led by architect and interior designer Stefano Colli and Mobles 114.

To ensure functionality and comfort in their artisan workshop, we find the wooden stool Luco. Spaces such as the showroom or the halls are equipped with the textile armchair Om, the discreet standing coat rack Hulot, or the high-capacity waste bin Riga Basic.

Mobles 144 is also present in multipurpose spaces, with the round table Tube and stackable chairs Tube as the main elements.

In spaces dedicated to meeting rooms or open offices, we find an essential office furniture piece, the Pey Table System. These spaces also feature chairs with wooden legs Green Eco, chairs with metal legs Green Colors, and Tube chairs.

The Tria Shelving System is also among Teixidors, office furniture, serving as storage space as well as a decorative element in their rooms.

Teixidors offices have managed to create a work environment that achieves functionality as well as comfort.

Architekt arqbag
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